PSA Specials

The price is per item submitted. Please use the quantity box below to add the correct amount of cards to your order.

This is only for submissions that arrive with GradedGem in 2021. If you have previously submitted and need to make an order, please see the link below.

How to start your submission?

Package your specials up safely, include a completed Specials Submission Form with your details so we can contact you, and send them to us at:

Name: Laurent Christiaens
Street + n°: Kanunnik Peetersstraat 86
Postal Code: 2600 Berchem (Antwerpen)
Country: Belgium

We will confirm we have received your submission.

If a completed Specials Submission Form is not included, with all relevant details, your submission will not be processed until we receive all necessary details.

Please select the options below to see more details.

Do not make your order until cards are confirmed to be safe with GradedGem, or if Pregrades are selected, then until pregrades are sent and confirmed.


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