What is PSA Grading? And why choose GradedGem?

PSA authenticates and grades your collectibles, giving them a grade between 1 and 10 based on the quality of the item. For cards, there are four key areas. Corners, Edges, Surfaces, and Centering. The cards are then placed in their own tamper-evident plastic cases, with a label that displays the card’s information, grade, and unique certification number.
PSA is based in California and New Jersey is the most trusted & popular grading service in the world.

GradedGem is an Official PSA Dealer, offering £1000 per card insurance as standard and started in the UK in 2016 with Connor (GradedGroudon) and in 2018 Tom (BaseSetTom) joined the team.
GradedGem has submitted over 100,000 cards to PSA over the past 4 years, with over £1,000,000 worth of collectibles being sent through us.

We show all collectibles off in Submission & Returns Videos, as well as talking about our thoughts on trading cards and the current environment of the hobby over on www.youtube.com/gradedgem

We are collectors ourselves and try to help collectors in the ways we can, and try to make the grading process as simple as possible.

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